Our product

Ukrainian honey Ltd is proud to serve a variety of industries with bulk honey products, including food service professionals, food/beverage producers and retailers looking for a private label honey. Every single lot of our honey is rigorously tested before shipment both by our internal laboratory and by authoritative external laboratories such as Intertek Food Services GmbH (Bremen, Germany), Quality Services International GmbH (Bremen, Germany), Food QS GmbH (Langenzenn, Germany)

Our hands-on approach and attention to details ensures high quality of each lot that meets strict requirements of our buyers.

"Ukrainian Honey": industrial production, exquisite taste, and safety first

Industrial honey production is not just a matter of business; it's an art that requires attention to detail, respect for nature, and a high level of safety. "Ukrainian Honey" stands as an exceptional representative in the realm of honey production and sales, catering to various industrial sectors and prioritizing workplace safety.

Natural honey: nature's riches and culinary delights

Honey isn't merely a sweet gift from nature; it's a treasure trove of beneficial substances. At "Ukrainian Honey," we understand the importance of preserving the valuable properties of honey throughout its production journey. Our company continually refines the techniques for harvesting, processing, and packaging honey to ensure that each consumer can relish its unique taste and myriad benefits.

Honey serves as a source of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and antimicrobial compounds. Its positive impact on the immune system, cardiovascular health, and overall well-being is well-established. The natural honey produced by "Ukrainian Honey" represents a fusion of joy and wellness.

Safety measures: prioritizing people's well-being

At "Ukrainian Honey," the safety of our personnel and customers takes precedence. We strictly adhere to safety standards and protocols at all stages of production and service. Our company provides state-of-the-art equipment and comprehensive training to ensure that all employees are well-versed in safe work practices.

Every team member at "Ukrainian Honey" is informed about the necessity of precautionary measures and safety rules in the workplace. We place emphasis not only on technical aspects but also on cultivating a culture of safety.

Customer safety: ensuring health and benefit

It's crucial for us that every customer receiving honey from "Ukrainian Honey" can trust in its quality and safety. We guarantee that our honey meets the highest standards and requirements. Our production is certified, underscoring the safety and quality of our products.

Diverse industrial sectors: a product for all

The honey provided by "Ukrainian Honey" finds utility across various industrial sectors. From the food industry to cosmetics, honey is used in the creation of a wide array of products. We take pride in the fact that our honey serves as a vital ingredient in crafting high-quality goods in diverse domains.

Professional services: expertise and care

"Ukrainian Honey" doesn't just produce honey; we provide professional services for diverse clientele. We comprehend that product requirements can vary depending on the industry. We offer consultations, assisting clients in selecting the best honey variants for their specific needs.

Taste and quality: pleasure and benefit combined

Savoring "Ukrainian Honey" is not only a gustatory pleasure but also an acknowledgment of its healthful attributes. We are confident that our honey represents both an indulgent taste and a commitment to well-being. We take pride in offering our customers a product that harmoniously blends exquisite flavor with health consciousness.

Safety and reliability

Ensuring safety at our production facility and for our customers includes having a fully-equipped first aid kit from "Apteka 911" We guarantee the presence of necessary medications and supplies for offering immediate assistance when required. This additional measure underscores our dedication to providing secure working conditions and service.

Gratitude and commitment

"Ukrainian Honey" takes pride in its achievements in honey production and sales. We value the trust of our customers and strive to offer only the finest product and service. Our industrial production, focused on safety and quality, remains steadfast in its commitment to consumers and the environment.

Our product:

Natural polyfloral homogenized honey (bulk honey)

Place of Origin:

Ukraine (the Certificate of Origin will be provided)

Product Information:
Color: max 50mm as per Pfund Colour Grader (ELA)
Moisture: max. 18% (Refractometer)
HMF: max. 10 mg/kg
Diastase activity: min. 15 (Shade)
Sucrose: max 5%
C13 isotopic analysis (C4/C3 sugars): negative
  • Without residues of antibiotics and synthetic substances of antibiotic action.
  • Without residues of veterinary drugs for bees.
  • Without residues of pesticides, radionuclides , heavy metals
  • With no signs of fermentation, without impurities.

Packaging Details

Traditionally, each export lot has a weight of about 20 tons. Honey is packed in drums fitted for transportation of food stuff. Each filled drum has a constant net weight of 290 kg. We will consider suitable for you way of delivery and adjust the lot weight according to your needs. Contact us to learn more about how we can meet your unique bulk honey requirements.