Our product

Ukrainian honey Ltd is proud to serve a variety of industries with bulk honey products, including food service professionals, food/beverage producers and retailers looking for a private label honey. Every single lot of our honey is rigorously tested before shipment both by our internal laboratory and by authoritative external laboratories such as Intertek Food Services GmbH (Bremen, Germany), Quality Services International GmbH (Bremen, Germany), Food QS GmbH (Langenzenn, Germany)

Our hands-on approach and attention to details ensures high quality of each lot that meets strict requirements of our buyers.

Our product:

Natural polyfloral homogenized honey (bulk honey)

Place of Origin:

Ukraine (the Certificate of Origin will be provided)

Product Information:
Color: max 50mm as per Pfund Colour Grader (ELA)
Moisture: max. 18% (Refractometer)
HMF: max. 10 mg/kg
Diastase activity: min. 15 (Shade)
Sucrose: max 5%
C13 isotopic analysis (C4/C3 sugars): negative
  • Without residues of antibiotics and synthetic substances of antibiotic action.
  • Without residues of veterinary drugs for bees.
  • Without residues of pesticides, radionuclides , heavy metals
  • With no signs of fermentation, without impurities.

Packaging Details

Traditionally, each export lot has a weight of about 20 tons. Honey is packed in drums fitted for transportation of food stuff. Each filled drum has a constant net weight of 290 kg. We will consider suitable for you way of delivery and adjust the lot weight according to your needs. Contact us to learn more about how we can meet your unique bulk honey requirements.