100% pure

Natural Ukrainian Honey

Years of cooperation with different countries and a scrupulous attitude to the purity of the product.

Ukrainian honey Ltd

Ukrainian honey Ltd is a Ukrainian company specialized in purchasing, processing and export honey only of Ukrainian origin. Our company has worked in the honey export market since 2012. And thanks to our hard work and dedication, now Ukrainian honey Ltd is a quality production company with 100% export orientation.

Our objectives are:

  • To hold high positions as one of the top exporters of quality Ukrainian honey.
  • To strengthen and develop of long-term relations with our customers, by demonstrating professionalism and reliability at every stage of our cooperation.
Honey of
Ukrainian origin
High-tech lab
10 years
Successful work

Production process

We are always honest and open in cooperation with our customers and offer them to get acquainted with individual stages of our production process.

1.Receipt of raw honey at warehouse

2.Sampling and preparation for laboratory analysis

3.Laboratory analysis

4.Homogenization process

5.Preparation lots for export

6.Ready for delivery

Quality control

Our laboratory guides the work by the requirements of national and international standards to guarantee the quality and safety of our product.


In our quest to guarantee perfect quality and safety of Ukrainian honey as a foodstuff, Ukrainian honey’s team do their utmost on a daily basis by meticulously carrying out the traceability process.