Production process

We are always honest and open in cooperation with our customers and offer them to get acquainted with individual stages of our production process.

1.Receipt of raw honey at warehouse

2.Sampling and preparation for laboratory analysis

3.Laboratory analysis

4.Homogenization process

5.Preparation lots for export

6.Ready for delivery


We understand the important role of quality control in the honey industry, therefore extensive quality control and assurance systems have been established. All production facilities work upto / as per ISO 22000:2005 Standards. Purchasing, processing and final goods preparations for export are strictly monitored with procedures laid down for each stage production and testing with regular auditing with full traceability records up to bee keeper level.

Also our company systematically confirms its structural and technological competency to the regulatory authority - the office of the Veterinary and Phytosanitary Control of Ukraine. The result of this test is the permission for export of our products to the corresponding countries.